It's 'snow go' for Gaga in Paris

Lady Gaga's concerts in Paris seem to be cursed.

In October strikes in the French capital put paid to her performances and now snowstorms have left the superstar "devastated".

Gaga's staff and stage equipment were left stranded in the snow as authorities banned big trucks from driving through the Ile de France region that includes Paris.

Taking to her, Gaga wrote, "All 28 of my trucks for the Monsterball (tour) were detained by the French government going on over 26 hrs, 2 of my employees were arrested trying to get into Paris so we could perform.

"I am furious and devastated, its unfair to my fans and to me."

Gaga was willing to perform a fully acoustic set to avoid disappointing fans but she added, "I asked if I could do a stripped version of show, but there would be no sound or power source, its all been detained. I’m so sorry, angry+sad."

Gaga then posted a picture of the stormy weather conditions and apologised again: "I love Paris + I love my French fans. I’m sorry little monsters. A photo of storm, I’m stuck on bus."

The cancelled show is now set to take place on Tuesday night (21 Dec)