Lady Gaga Gets Emotional

The 'You And I' singer talks about dealing with feelings.

Lady Gaga says to be a seriously successful artist you have to be prepared to show your emotions.

"I learned that to be a great artist, you must be emotionally very thin," Gaga explains.

"Your tears and your anger and your happiness must be just under the surface of your first layer of skin.

"I like to say 'emotionally thin' because it's much more dramatic. Vulnerable to me implies only tears."

Gaga recently made the list of nominees for the new 'Best Video With A Message' MTV VMA, which praises stars for their powerful and inspiring musical themes.

But as well as getting in touch with her personal feelings, Gaga has to keep her 'Poker Face' on at all times.

"I'm part of an industry that challenges the pop female head-on, guns-a-blazing," she said.

"I have to be emotionally thin but equally strong and impervious."