Lady Gaga's Fans Show Their Support As She Mourns Loss Of Childhood Family Pet

31 October 2013, 11:16

The 'Applause' singer was also spotted out in London this week wearing an unusual black outfit.

Lady Gaga's fans have rallied around the star after she revealed her family's pet dog Alice passed away this week.

The 'Marry The Night' singer posted on Twitter on Tuesday evening (29th October) to express sadness after the dog died at the age of 17, and was spotted out wearing all-black this week in London.

"My puppy Alice died. We had to put her down, cancer ate away at a little angel," Gaga tweeted. "My daddy is so sad, we all are, lost member of our family.

"I love being an entertainer but it is so painful sometimes to be away from home, 17 years she held on, so many memories," the US star added.

View a picture of Lady Gaga dressed all in black out in London this week below (Credit: Getty):

After sharing her sad news the 'Applause' singer received a flood of well-wishes from fans offering her advice and sharing their condolences with her.

"@ladygaga don't be sad, it makes me sad too. I hope you know that we're here for you," @barzenotta tweeted in response to Gaga's messages, while @IAmGooGoo4Gaga wrote: "@ladygaga She KNOWS you LOVED her. Pets can feel the LOVE even thousands of miles away."

Lady Gaga is now preparing for the release of her album 'ARTPOP' on 11th November.