Lady Gaga: "I Once Spent Two Weeks Dressed As A Man"

20 March 2012, 07:17 | Updated: 20 March 2012, 07:23

The 'Bad Romance' singer says she wanted to try and understand the opposite sex.

The 'Born This Way' star confessed the change of persona came out of an attempt to understand the opposite sex because she wondered about some of the choices she made in her relationships.

She told Oprah Winfrey on her new TV show Next Chapter: "I taped down my breasts. I went through a severe psychological change. I really wanted to delve into the mind of what I believe to have been my vice in men. Why am I dating the same guy over and over again?"

"It was about explaining that the woman you see on stage is the same woman that's in bed.  I have struggled with that for a long time with dating. They want to know the real me. I'm sitting right here. When the spotlight's not on me, I sometimes don't know who I am because I feel alive on the stage. And that's what Joe really was all about. If I had to do a performance art piece, confess who I truly am, that is my way."

The singer has been seen publically dressed as a man before when she fist premiered her male alter-ego Jo Calderone in a fashion shoot for Vogue.

The star also underwent her transformation on the music video for single 'You & I' and once again revived her Jo persona in a recently unveiled ' Haus Of U' fashion video.

Meanwhile, the singer also told the chat show host that she doesn't own a home of her own and considers herself to be like "a wandering gypsy".