Lady Gaga Confirms 'Do What U Want' As New Second Single From 'ARTPOP'

23 October 2013, 12:05

The 'Marry The Night' singer says the song's chart success has led to a change of plans.

Lady Gaga has confirmed that new song 'Do What U Want' has been changed to the official second single from 'ARTPOP' following its chart success this week.

The 'Applause' singer unveiled and released the R Kelly collaboration this week in both the UK and the US as a teaser for her new album, but the song soon shot to number one on iTunes charts both sides of the Atlantic.

Lady Gaga has now confirmed that, in the wake of the song's success, 'Do What U Want' will be the second single officially, but confirmed that new song 'Venus' is still being released this coming Monday (28th October).

"Don't worry monsters! We are still scheduled to release #Venus this Monday with a snippet on Friday! And it will STILL have its own video!" Gaga tweeted last night (22nd October). "However we are overwhelmed by the worldwide response + excitement for DO WHAT U WANT feat. R KElly & are happy to announce it as 2nd single!

"It's time to band together + spread the word as 11.11 ARTPOP approaches!" the US star added. "Thank u for creating this unexpected turn I feel very blessed today."

Earlier this week the 'You & I' singer also treated fans to a snippet of the title track from her upcoming third album 'ARTPOp'.

Lady Gaga releases 'ARTPOP' worldwide on 11th November.