Lady Gaga And Calvin Harris Share Apologies After Twitter Spat

29 October 2012, 17:01

The pair say sorry after a misunderstanding prompted them to fall out.

Lady Gaga and Calvin Harris have apologised to each other after a misunderstanding caused them to fall out on Twitter.

The DJ and producer, who was responsible for Rihanna's 'We Found Love', offended the 'Born This Way' star when he said he had turned down the chance to work with her.

In an interview to promote his new album '18 Months', Calvin said he was offered the chance to work with her before she hit the big time but had decided against it because he didn't like the songs her record label had sent him.

On Twitter, Lady Gaga wrote: "Seems to be trendy lately to talk sh*t about "lady gaga" when your albums/singles drop. Y'all should live off your own hustle. #Ido

"Music is mortal if it has no integrity behind it. I'm interested in making the immortal kind. Never even emailed you @calvinharris I guess it's hard to believe I write + produce my music. cuz I'm a woman I don't know about EDM right?"

Calvin then took to the social-networking website to clarify his comments about the 'Judas' singer.

He wrote: "No your label emailed me. I always make sure I say Im a fan when asked about it, I apologise if I offended u, wasn't the intention."

To which Lady Gaga replied: "Thanks for the apology &explaining. My apologies too. Congratulations on your album. Wish"Tyou well. Cheers."

Calvin later said: "Jeez you turn down one remix in 2008 and next thing the whole world's on your back."

Lady Gaga is currently on her 'Born This Way Ball' world tour, while Calvin Harris released his new album '18 Months' today (29th October).

The album features his collaborations with Rihanna, Florence Welch, Dizzee Rascal and Ellie Goulding.