Lady Gaga steps into Capital FM

Lady Gaga has arrived at Capital FM's studios.

The singer, who was sporting a new pink and blonde look, an S&M choker, a My Little Pony necklace, lace gloves, fake diamonds, a black leather jacket with her face spray painted on the back, a black skirt and 'stripper' high heels, strutted into our London headquarters this afternoon (16.05) for a series of interviews.

Gaga, who is renowned for her extravagant costume changes, later said she loves to buy her clothes off the high street.

Earlier, the star also took time out to briefly watch the video for recent single 'Judas', which she revealed was her first viewing of the clip.

The singer is due to release her next single 'Hair' on iTunes later today. Her new album 'Born This Way' is due out on May 23.