Bieber gets Twittered

Why did Justin Bieber's name disappear from Twitter's trending topics?

For months now Justin has been a popular trending topic.

So when he vanished from the top tweets on Friday evening rumours quickly started to circulate that Bieber had been banned from trending by Twitter because they want to give other, non-Bieiber related topics a chance at trending.

Justin's loyal Bieliebers wasted no time in starting up campaigns to get him back in to the list of hot topics, focussing their efforts around the hash tag #letbiebertrend.

After two days of solid tweeting and very little sleep, Bieber fans must have been pleased to see Justin's name return as it began to trend again on Sunday evening.

We still don't know for sure if Justin was banned from trending by Twitter, but one thing is clear... don't mess with Bieber fans!

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