Justin Bieber Has New Tattoo Done In Tribute To His Mum Pattie Mallette?

16 January 2013, 10:29 | Updated: 16 January 2013, 10:32

The 'Believe' singer's new body art allegedly features the birth date of the Canadian star's mother.

Justin Bieber has had a brand new tattoo done this week which is believed to be in honour of his mother.

The 'Boyfriend' singer has been showing off his latest new body art, inked onto the upper right of his chest, which allegedly pays tribute to Justin's mother Pattie Mallette.

The tattoo features what is reportedly Pattie's birth date of 2nd April 1975 inked in roman numerals across the top of the Canadian pop star's pec muscle.

Justin is seen topless while wearing dark shades as a tattoo artist works on the design in one picture posted on Twitter, which is the latest of several tattoos the 'As Long As You Love Me' already has on his body.

Earlier this month, Justin also got another tattoo when he had the logo for the Stratford Cullitons inked onto his left shoulder blade, believed to be in tribute to his grandfather.

Check out a picture of Justin Bieber showing off his brand new tattoo this week below (Credit: Instagram):

Justin's other tattoos include the word 'Believe' inked across his left arm, the image of Jesus Christ on his left calf and the Japanese Kanji symbol for music on his right arm.

Earlier this month Justin got another tattoo when he had the logo for the Stratford Cullitons hockey team inked onto his left shoulder blade, believed to have been done in tribute to his grandfather.

View a picture of Justin getting his new body art done below (Credit: Twitter):

Earlier this week, Justin unveiled the official tracklisting for his upcoming album 'Believe Acoustic', which includes the new songs 'I Would' and 'Yellow Raincoat'.

Justin Bieber will release 'Believe Acoustic' on 29th January while he is also currently preparing to host an episode of Saturday Night Live next month.