Justin Bieber Confirms 'Believe' World Tour Will Come To The UK - Audio

13 April 2012, 06:44

The 'Boyfriend' singer says he can't wait to get back on the road and see all his fans again.

Justin Bieber has confirmed his upcoming world tour will be coming to the UK when it kicks off later this year, and says he can't wait to reconnect with all of his fans out on the road.

The 'Never Say Never' singer revealed he is hoping to bring his new tour, in support of upcoming third album 'Believe', to "almost everywhere" across the world.

"Yes I'm coming to the UK," Justin told the Vodafone Big Top 40, after his new single 'Boyfriend' entered at number two on the chart. "I'm literally going almost everywhere. I'm trying to reach the whole world.

"You know, this album is probably the most important yet, so I'm really just excited for people to hear it and get back on tour to see my fans."

Justin explained that the lengthy process of recording 'Believe', which has seen him collaborate with the likes of Drake and Kanye West, has meant he hasn't been able to connect with his fans as much as he wants to.

"I was just saying the other day I miss my fans," the 'Mistletoe' singer added. "I've been kind of in LA solitary and just working on this album and I haven't been able to get out there and see my fans so it's going to be really great to finally get back on the road."

Earlier this month Justin began teasing plans for his upcoming world tour, describing the stage show as "epic" and suggesting it has been inspired by the late Michael Jackson.

Listen to Justin Bieber teasing his upcoming world tour to the Vodafone Big Top 40 below:

Justin Bieber confirms UK return on upcoming world tour...