Justin Bieber On New Album 'Believe': "It's Really Going To Be Super Special" - Audio

26 March 2012, 08:15 | Updated: 27 March 2012, 15:33

The 18 year-old pop singer promises he has worked hard to make his new album the best it can be.

Justin Bieber has promised fans he has been working hard to make his new record 'Believe' the "best album I can".

The 'Mistletoe' singer unveiled his brand new single 'Boyfriend' on Capital FM today (26th March) and has been teasing what fans can expect from his upcoming third studio album.

"You know we've been working on the album for the past couple of months now and we've collaborated with so many different people, artists and producers, so it's really going to be super special," Justin exclusively told Capital FM. "I don't want to give out too much but I just want to let the fans know that this album is basically all my hard work and all my efforts just to make the best album I can for all my fans."

The 'Never Say Never' singer has also admitted he "can't wait" to return to the UK once plans for his potential new tour have been finalised.

Justin Bieber is releasing new single 'Boyfriend' in the US today with a UK release to follow.

You can hear Justin Bieber talking to Rich Clarke tonight from 7pm.

Listen to Justin discussing his hard work on new album 'Believe' below:

Justin Bieber on new album 'Believe'