Justin Bieber On Acting Roles: "I Want To Shock People"

29 March 2012, 09:04 | Updated: 29 March 2012, 09:43

The 'Boyfriend' singer says he is keen to move into acting but wants to chose the right projects first.

Justin Bieber says he is "definitely" for potential acting roles but will make sure he picks the right role before committing to anything.

The 'Never Say Never' singer, who has previously guest-starred on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, revealed that when he does return to acting he wants it to "shock" people.

"We're working with a lot of people to try and find great scripts and great opportunities for me," Justin told Access Hollywood Live on Tuesday (27th March). "That's definitely something I want to get into, so now I'm just trying to find the best ideas.

"[I've] got to make the right decisions and right choices," Justin explained "I don't want to come in and be like, 'Oh yeah, he's just another singer that's trying to be an actor and can't really act'."

He added: "I want to shock people. I want it to be a shock."

The 18 year-old singer is currently working on his third studio album 'Believe', and released the record's first single 'Boyfriend' in the US on Monday (26th March).

Justin Bieber has promised fans an 'epic' music video for 'Boyfriend', and will launch the single in the UK on 20th May.