Fifth Harmony’s Camila Visits MJ’s Childhood Home… And Bursts Into Tears

Camila Cabello Instagram

5H visited Michael Jackson's family home and it had a profound affect on band member Camila!

On a rare day off from their busy lives, Fifth Harmony took time out from their tour in Gary, Indiana to visit the King Of Pop - Michael Jackson's family home, and it'd seem the visit had a BIG impact on Camila.

The 'Worth It' star took to Twitter after her visit to reveal how emotional she felt walking inside the same house Michael Jackson grew up in.

 "Needless to say I burst into tears," Camila told her followers, before continuing to spread some encouraging words... 

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Camila who found fame through the US X Factor shared encouraging words to fans to follow their dreams, "whether you come from Havana, Cuba, or Miami, or Texas, or LA, or Gary, indiana, you can be who you want to be if you work hard enough" the singer expressed.

We feel empowered. How is Camila only 18 years-old, like seriously?! 


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