Ed Sheeran Praises "Sound" Taylor Swift: "She's Just A Sweet, Gentle Person"

27 June 2012, 09:10 | Updated: 27 June 2012, 09:41

The 'A Team' star says it's a pleasure to have people in the industry like the 'Love Story' singer.

Ed Sheeran has described US singer-songwriter Taylor Swift as a "please" to work with, and praised her as being a "sweet, gentle person".

The 'Lego House' star teamed up with Taylor for a collaboration during his recent trip out to the US, and says the 22 year-old singer was surprisingly down to earth and "really cool".

"It's such a pleasure to have people like her in the music industry," Ed told Pop Crush this week. 'She has the talent and is so down to earth, head and shoulders.

"I've never really met acts like [Taylor]," the 'A Team' singer explained. 'You hear horror stories about younger musicians who kind of go a bit off the rails, but she's so together and so kind of professional and knows what she wants, but isn't too harsh."

Ed added: "She's just a really sweet, gentle person, so yeah that's what surprised me is that she was sound."

Earlier this month Ed revealed to Capital that his collaboration with Taylor Swift is for her next record rather than his own second album, and said he wanted her to reveal the first details about their team-up first.

The 'Small Bump' star has also penned several tracks for One Direction's second studio album and confirmed plans to head into the recording studio to produce them this summer.

Ed Sheeran launched his album '+' in the US this month and reached number five on the US Billboard Top 200, one of the highest charting US debuts ever by a male UK artist.