Demi Lovato Announces Inspirational Self-Help Book Staying Strong For November

10 September 2013, 13:41

The 'Heart Attack' singer will release a book of her favourite 365 quotes this autumn.

Demi Lovato has announced plans to release a self-help book later this year called Staying Strong.

The 'Made In The USA' singer will publish the book in November this year, and says she hopes the publication will inspire people going through a similar recovery to herself.

"One of the things that's helped me in my recovery is taking every day one day at a time," Demi explained in a video to announce the new publication. "And I'm a firm believer of starting the day right with an inspirational quote and sort of a morning meditation.

"So I've put together 365 of my favourite quotes, and a little morning meditation for everybody," she revealed. It's just something I'm excited about.

"I hope you all like it and I hope that it inspires you to be staying strong," Demi added.

Check out a picture of Demi Lovato at the Teen Choice Awards 2013 below:

Demi Lovato publishes new book Staying Strong on 19th November.