Nicki Minaj Confirms We Can Expect A Video For 'Hey Mama' With David Guetta!

7 March 2015, 21:35 | Updated: 6 December 2018, 10:29

It’s not even been released yet but we’re already obsessed with David Guetta’s amazing ‘Hey Mama’ – and it looks like a video will be coming soon!

We literally can NOT wait for David Guetta’s amazing collaboration with Nicki Minaj and Afrojack, ‘Hey Mama’ to be released, and the upbeat track has been making waves ever since it hit the internet.

And with such huge names collaborating on the track, we can imagine the accompanying video will be something pretty special too.

David told Capital’s Max that he will be making a video with Nicki, “She’s so amazing, it would be terrible not to be able to make a video with her. It’s interesting because this record has a life of it’s own, especially in the US, even though it’s going to be my single after ‘What I Did For Love’.

“It’s really crazy because in the US lots of hip hop DJs are playing it and it went to number one in some cool club DJ’s playlist when we didn’t even promote it.”

We can not wait for this anthem to hit our screens, Max spoke to Nicki Minaj this week and she confirmed the video will be coming SOON:



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