Calvin's humanthesiser

Calvin Harris has found a unique way to perform his new single 'Ready For The Weekend' which involves painting half naked girls with electricity-conducting body ink.

Calvin calls it his "humanthesiser", the ground-breaking instrument employs 16 bikini clad models with the special ink painted on their skin, this allows a current to be passed through the body without causing an electric shock.

When the performers touch the connection completes a circuit, triggering a sound. Calvin played the main keyboard line and effects by interacting with a row of nine girls. The rhythmic portions of the track were simultaneously played by seven dancers performing a carefully choreographed routine.

The experiment coincides with the release of his second album, also titled 'Ready For The Weekend', which is released on August 17th.

Check out Calvin's "humanthesiser" in the video and let us know what you think below...