Bruno Mars New Album 'Unorthodox Jukebox' Represents His "Freedom"

3 October 2012, 15:19 | Updated: 3 October 2012, 15:28

The 'Runaway Baby' star also reveals that he has to turn off the radio when he hears his former hit song 'It Will Rain'.

Bruno Mars has revealed that his forthcoming new album 'Unorthodox Jukebox" has enabled him a greater level of creativity and represents his "freedom".

The 'Grenade' singer revealed to Billboard magazine that he has faced a great deal of criticism from labels in the past and is not content with ever being a "circus act" for anyone.

"This is me going into the studio and recording and writing whatever I want," he said about producing his latest record. "This album represents my freedom."

Speaking about some of the more critical responses he's faced on his work, the Hawaiian native said some comments were "disgusting".

"I've had big record label presidents look me in the face and say, 'Your music sucks, you don't know who you are, your music is all over the place, and we don't know how to market this stuff. Pick a lane and come back to us,'" he confessed. "That was disgusting to me, because I'm not trying to be a circus act.

"I listen to a lot of music and I want to have the freedom and luxury to walk into a studio and say, 'Today I want to do a hip-hop, R&B, soul or rock record.'"

The US star also confessed that he didn't like the final version of his single 'It Will Rain' and had to turn off the radio when it would come on.

The 'Marry You' star told the publication that he felt like a "mosquito" singing the track and won't be making the same mistake again.

"I felt like I was a mosquito singing," he recalled. "I don't want that to happen again."

Meanwhile, the singer unveiled the first single from his new album 'Locked Out Of Heaven' this week.

He has also been announced as one of the performs for this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in New York.