This Donut-Inspired Parody Of 'Uptown Funk' WILL Make You Hungry!

29 December 2014, 14:07

It takes true genius to combine our favourite song and our favourite food - these guys did it and it's PERFECTION!

What was due to become one of the biggest songs of 2015 actually ended up being rush-released in December, thanks to it being covered on The X-Factor.

'Uptown Funk' has taken the world by storm - so it's no surprise that people on the Internet have been working their creative magic to produce some amazing parodies!

The folks over at SORTED Food have potentially created our favourite parody of the year - not just because it's based on 'Uptown Funk', but because it features our guilty pleasure - donuts!

Check out the hilarious 'Up Down Dunk' above, and if you're feeling adventurous you can even test your culinary skills using their recipe!


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