Bruno Mars stunned at Grammy nominations

Bruno Mars has admitted that he was stunned to hear about his Grammy nominations.

Speaking to CBS the singer said: 'The Grammys released the press pack. And it said, 'Eminem with 10, Burno Mars with seven.' and we were kind of trying to count, like, 'No, how- how did this happen?'

His nominations include Song Of The Year and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.

He also revealed about the lyrical inspiration behind 'Just The Way You Are'.

'With 'Just The Way You Are' (I wrote about) my experience with watching a girl do so much just to get ready. Just to feel beautiful and feel sexy. And when truthfully, you liked what she was wearing when she was just in her sweats. And you thought that she was beautiful like that.'

The Grammys are on Sunday (February 13th).