Britney Spears not copying Lady Gaga

Britney Spears does not copy Lady Gaga in her video for 'Hold It Against Me', says her choreographer Brian Friedman.

Despite the fact the promo is directed by Jonas Akerlund, who directed Lady Gaga's 'Telephone', Brian said it is pure Britney.

He told MTV :'I can say that it is not 'Britney does Gaga'. That is not what's happening with this. Gaga has her own niche.

'I love seeing Britney try out new things. It's just an extension of what Britney already is.'

The choreographer added that he encouraged her with some very specific words.

'Tiger! I scream tiger (at her),' he said. 'She used to have a prowl about her and an attack that to me was like a tiger, so I kept telling her, 'I want to see the tiger back,'. It makes her laugh, so it works.'