Britney's new album will 'shock'

Britney Spears new album will 'shock' according to a long-time producer.

Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins said that 'Femme Fatale' will show Britney in a different light.

He told MTV 'I know the songs that I (did for the album) are up-tempo.

'The stuff I've done, I think will kind of shock people. I got a chance to go out of my box a little bit too.'

He added that she was closely involved in the process.

'Britney's always great to work with,' he said. 'I've worked with Britney for 12,13 years now. She's very hands-on. She had a lot of ideas for me.

'She's great. She gets it. She is a top-notch veteran pro at this now.'