Britney Spears - Circus

Roll Up! Roll Up! Britney is back doing what she does best with her new album Circus.

Britney's life has been somewhat of a circus over the last few years, to say the least, what with her divorce, head shaving incident, disastrous MTV appearance, losing custody of her kids, her dad taking care of her affairs... so it seems appropriate that her brand new album is called just that, Circus.

Following in quick succession from her well-received previous album, Blackout does her new album live up to all the expectation? The answer's a resounding yes.

You would have already heard or rather seen her latest single, Womanizer in which we see Britney playing several different roles: a naughty secretary, tattooed waitress and sexy chauffeur but the rest of the tracks on the album don't disappoint with Britney back to what she does best catchy pop songs.

Kill The Lights focuses on the star's relationship with the paparazzi. It's a brilliant disco track which boasts the cheeky line, 'is that money in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?'. People will be quick to draw comparisons to Britney's own break-up from Kevin Federline with the track, Out From Under, despite her not having written the song. 'My heart will be unbroken. It will open up for everyone but you' she sings on the ballad which is not entirely dissimilar to her earlier hit, I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman.

Ballads are few and far between, however, as Circus carries on the edgier, dancefloor-led sound of her last album, disappointing fans hoping to hear a more personal side to her music. Other highlights include If U Seek Amy (try saying it quickly... naughty minx), which recalls Pink's recent chart-topper, So What and the title track on which she states 'there are two types of people in the world, the ones that entertain and the ones that observe'. No prizes for guessing which of those categories she falls into then.

While her X Factor performance at the weekend might have been somewhat underwhelming, we guarantee you won't be at all disappointed by her new album. Watch out Madonna - Britney's back and she's snapping at your heels for that Queen Of Pop title.


2. Circus
3. Out From Under
4. Kill The Lights
5. Shattered Glass
6. If U Seek Amy
7. Unusual You
8. Blur
9. Mmm Papi
10. Mannequin
11. Lace and Leather
12. My Baby
Bonus Track:

Song you must download:
Kill The Lights

Monday 1st December on Jive Records.

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