Britney Spears: 'Madonna helped me stay true to myself'

Britney Spears has admitted that Madonna has helped her through difficult times in her life.

The pop princess, who recently released her comeback album 'Femme Fatale', said she met up with the Queen of pop recently at a party. 

'I guess she's really taught me to stay true to myself,' Britney said.

'That seems like a simple thing to say, but she taught me through action, not just by saying it.'

Britney went through a difficult period of her life between 2007-8 after she split with her ex-husband Kevin Federline.

'There are so many people around you that have opinions, but you just have to listen to your instincts,' she told US fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar.

The singer is set to appear on the cover of the June issue, shot in a hidden skate park in Malibu.

Britney also announced her next single will be 'I Wanna Go'.