Beyonce reveals the secret of a happy marriage

Beyonce is married to Jay-Z. We can think of them as the king and queen of music, both of them at the top of their game as globally famous, top-selling artists.

This surely puts them under incredible professional and personal pressure. The pair, who married in a secret ceremony in 2008,  have been incredibly guarded about their private lives, both before and after marriage, and Beyonce, (or can we call her Mrs Z?), attributes this to the success of her marriage.

She told FHM in Germany: 

"Jay and I have always been very discreet when it comes to our relationship. Even after we got married nothing changed about that. I think that saved us a lot of trouble."

She went on to discuss how she felt being a role model for young women:

"The thought scared me at first. But now I think my music is more than just performing, dancing and shooting videos. I try to show women that we need to be there for each other and support each other and that you have to work to reach your goals."

So what does scare Beyonce? Falling over on stage, apparently:

"The only thing I really worry about is falling over! I always perform in high heels and sometimes the choreography is really exhausting and complicated."