Beyonce Says World Humanitarian Day Song Is About "Our Dreams"

16 August 2012, 16:26

The singer discusses her track 'I Was Here' and says it is about leaving a positive influence on the world.

Beyonce has said she wants her song for World Humanitarian Day to have a positive influence on the world.

The track, 'I Was Here', features on the singer's last album '4' and Beyonce performed it during an event at the United Nations General Assembly Hall in New York earlier this month.

The song will be released on 19th August with proceeds going towards World Humanitarian Day.

Speaking to US host Anderson Cooper on his show 360, Beyonce said: "It says, 'I want to leave my footprints in the sands of time' and it basically is all of our dreams, I think.

"And that's leaving our mark on the world. I feel like we all want to know that our life meant something."

Beyonce was joined during the interview by under-secretary-general and emergency relief coordinator Valerie Amos.