Beyonce Launches UK Fashion Collection

Bey 'Run The World' of UK fashion with her new clothing range.

Beyonce's House Of Dereon collection will launch in the UK next month, but Bey's revealed a preview photo in a piece from her new collection.

The brand's motto is 'Couture.Soul.Kick' which represents Beyonce as the 'Kick', her mum Tina Knowles as the 'Couture' and Grandmother Agnez Dereon, who the range is named after, as the 'Soul'.

"Beyonce and I are so proud of the line-up," mum Tina said.

"We can't wait to see the consumer's response and how she makes it her own."

Beyonce has planned an appearance at Selfridges in London to celebrate the launch of the clothing line, which coincides with Fashion Week.

Beyonce - House Of Dereon