Beyoncé Song 'Pretty Hurts' Meant For Katy Perry

22 April 2014, 16:29

Singer-songwriter Sia reveals she originally sent the song to Perry.

Beyoncé's song 'Pretty Hurts' was originally meant for Katy Perry, it has been revealed.

The track, which was written by Australian singer-songwriter Sia, was sent to Perry and Rihanna before Beyoncé recorded it. 

"When Beyoncé heard it, she slid into home base and just closed the deal," she told the New York Times. 

Despite being emailed the song first, Perry discovered the track after one of her producers Dr Luke played it to her. She later texted Sia: "I'm pretty hurt you never sent me this song."

Sia replied: "Check your email," to which Perry responded: "It was meant to be with Beyoncé, of course."

'Pretty Hurts' features on Beyoncé's latest self-titled album, which includes the hit singles 'Drunk In Love' and 'XO'. 

Meanwhile, Sia releases her new single 'Chandelier' on June 1.