Beyonce Has "Schoolgirl Crush" On US President Barack Obama?

9 October 2012, 09:59

The 'Crazy In Love' star's husband Jay-Z apparently finds it "cute" that the singer has a soft spot for the American leader.

Beyonce reportedly has a crush on the US President Barack Obama.

The 'Love On Top' star and her husband Jay-Z have become close friends with the Obamas and a source told the National Enquirer that the Destiny's Child star gets "tongue-tied" whenever she speaks to the American leader.

"Beyonce and the Obamas have become friends, but every time she's in the same room with the president she gets all tongue-tied," the insider revealed. "She jokingly told pals if they both weren't married, the pres­ident could have been in the running for her affections."

Jay-Z is reportedly not jealous in any way and finds his wife's affections for the President "cute".

"Jay-Z thinks it's cute that she has a schoolgirl crush on the president, and he isn't worried one bit," added the source.

Bey and Jay held a special fundraiser for Obama last month, where they raised a total of $4 million for his re-election campaign.

At the event, Obama addressed the couple to thank them for all their show of support and called Beyonce the "perfect role model" for his two daughters.