Beyonce Keeps Personal Archive Of Over 50,000 Hours Worth Of Footage

1 February 2013, 13:03

The 'Countdown' star is said to have collected every photoshoot and interview she has ever done.

Beyonce reportedly keeps an extensive archive of footage from her career, which is said to consist of over 50,000 hours worth of footage.

The 'Love On Top' singer keeps the archive in her Los Angeles home, also housing every photoshoot and interview she has ever done, and has been used extensively as part of her new HBO documentary film Life Is But A Dream.

According to The Sun, the 'Countdown' star modeled her digital collection on US network NBC's own archive, and has hired a librarian to keep the collection in check.

Beyonce is said to refer to the room as her "crazy" archive, and likes to keep a record of everything she does so she can find any interview at the drop of a button.

The 'End Of Time' singer is expected to use a heavy amount of home-shot footage in her new documentary, which will follow her discovery of being pregnant as well as her return to the music industry after becoming a mother.

Check out a picture of Beyonce at a press conference ahead of her US Super Bowl performance below (Credit: Getty):

This week Beyonce held a press conference about her performance at the US Super Bowl where she confirmed she had performed with a pre-recorded track at Barack Obama's inauguration last week, as well as singing the US National Anthem live at the conference to prove her point.

Beyonce will perform the halftime show at the US Super Bowl this coming Sunday (3rd February).