Beyonce's New Album: How The Internet Has Reacted To The News

13 December 2013, 11:55


The 'Love On Top' singer shocked the world last night with the surprise release of her fifth record.

Beyone's new album has shocked the world! She surprised everyone with the release of a new visual album exclusively to iTunes and it's sent the world wild.

Twitter has been trending Beyonce's name like it's going out of fashion and everyone is sharing links, tweets, gifs and pictures to their friends – showing their joy at the wonderful news.

Join Capital as we round-up some of our favourite reactions to the big news so far.

This fan couldn't have said it much better

Cheryl Cole has been tweeting lyrics all morning!

Cheryl beyonce Tweets

Even Spongebob Squarepants is getting involved in the action:

Beyonce fans are rallying behind their Queen and it's not good news for all the other female superstars


Michelle Williams asked if everyone was OK after the "Slayage!"

Some folks are sharing their best bits from the videos released... awwww

Katy Perry has also given her applause as Bey broke the Internet with her news.

Katy Perry Beyonce Tweet

Turns out some people are pretending to not know who Beyonce is....

Jessie J is feeling inspired!

What and who's next!?