Beyonce Fans Are Pretty Angry At Her Dad After He Let Slip About The Twins' Birth Before She Could

19 June 2017, 16:40

Beyonce & Matthew Knowles

Nothing gets in the way of an excited grandparent!

The whole world were sitting on the edge of their seats. The estimated due date was upon us and we were anticipating the announcement that Beyoncé had given birth to her twins any moment. In steps Mr Matthew Knowles.

Beyoncé's dad was obvioulsy even more excited than we were about the arrival of Bey's twins as it would give him even more grandchildren, but as Bey had completely owned her pregnancy announcement with THAT famous Insta post, everyone expected her to do the same with the birth.

Beyoncé & Jay Z Officially Welcome The Birth Of Their Twins

Sadly though, Mr Knowles didn't think that was a big deal and posted the following post across all his social mediua channels ahead of any official announcement from Bey...

But whilst it's nice that he's wishing his new born grandchildren a happy birthday, fans weren't happy one bit!

So with no official word from Beyonce or Jay Z just yet, was Bey's dad right in making the announcement or should she be annoyed?

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