Beyonce And Jay-Z Celebrate Their Fourth Wedding Anniversary

4 April 2012, 12:07

Capital FM takes a in-depth look at the power couple's best moments in pictures.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary today (4th April).

The couple married each other in 2008 after six years of dating.

Notoriously secret about their relationship, the pair first sparked rumours they were seeing each other after collaborating on '03 Bonnie & Cyde'.

Beyonce gave a rare interview about Jay-Z in 2011, saying the pair were keen to develop an "unbreakable friendship before we got married".

She told Harper's Bazaare: "We focused three years on our marriage and found that it brought us an even stronger bond and connection. But like anything great and successful in your life, marriage takes hard work and sacrifice.

"It has to be something both you and your husband deeply want. The best thing about marriage is the amount of growth you have because you can no longer hide from your fears and insecurities. There’s someone right there calling you out on your flaws and building you up when you need the support. If you are with the right person, it brings out the best version of you."

In January this year, Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed the arrival of their first child together, Blue Ivy Carter.

To celebrate the couple's fourth wedding anniversary, Capital FM has put together a collection of Beyonce and Jay-Z's best moments – click the link below to see them in full.