Beyonce Previews New Song 'God Made You Beautiful' In DVD Trailer - Video

30 October 2013, 14:46

The 'Countdown' star has started to tease fans with some new music to promote her DVD launch.

Beyonce has treated fans to a preview of a brand new song called 'God Made You Beautiful'.

The 'Love On Top' singer uses a snippet from the song in her trailer to promote the DVD release of her HBO documentary Life Is But A Dream.

The feature length documentary is set to launch on DVD next month after its first broadcast over the summer, and Beyonce treats fans to their first taste of new music in the promo.

Watch the trailer for Beyonce's DVD release of Life Is But A Dream below:

Beyonce is widely rumoured to be preparing a new single for release in December, while Life Is But A Dream sees a DVD release on 25th November.