Beyonce Pokes Fun At Herself After Giant Fan Incident With Joke 'Halo' Song Lyrics

24 July 2013, 10:05

The 'Countdown' singer shared lyrics of a reworked edition of 'Halo' to poke fun at her world tour incident.

Beyonce has poked fun at an incident earlier this week in which her hair got tangled up in a giant fan in the middle of a performance.

The 'Love On Top' singer was performing her song 'Halo' on tour in Montreal, Canada on Monday (22nd July) when her flowing curly locks became caught up in the mechanical device, leading several security guards to rush the stage in an effort to free her.

Beyonce has now made a joke at her own expense after posing up a lyric sheet for 'Halo' with some of the words changed to reflect her misfortune.

"Gravity can't begin, to pull me out of the fan again," Beyonce writes in the tongue-in-cheek note. "I felt my hair was yanking, from the fan that's always hat in.

Check out the picture Beyonce tweeted of her spoof song lyrics below (Credit: Instagram):

Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland clearly approved of her close friend's sense of humour when she tweeted in response to the lyric sheet.

"My sis got the best sense of humor!! So smart to post before anyone else! #lovemyB," Kelly posted this week.

Beyonce continued the 'Mrs. Carter Show' world tour last night (23rd July) with a show in Boston.