Beyonce On Fake Pregnancy Rumours: "People Will Just Go Too Far Sometimes"

23 January 2013, 09:57

The 'Countdown' singer says the rumours were difficult for her and her family to cope with.

Beyonce has opened up on how rumours she was faking her pregnancy affected her and her family, and has described the allegations as a "lack of respect".

The 'Love On Top' singer welcomed daughter Blue Ivy back in January last year but was dogged by rumours in October 2011 that she was faking her pregnancy, after an appearance on an Australian TV show appeared to show her baby bump collapsing.

"I felt like I kind of had to protect my mother, because when people made up the silliest rumour about me not really being pregnant she was there when I went through all of those things," Beyonce revealed to GQ in their February cover story. "And my sister. They were very, very defensive.

"It's not personal to me and it comes along with the job, but the lack of respect, people will just go too far sometimes."

The 'Countdown' singer also opened up about becoming a mother and says she feels Blue Ivy has helped her understand herself more.

"When I gave birth that was the first time I truly let go and surrendered," Beyonce explained. "And it taught me how amazing that feels. Giving birth made me realise the power of being a woman.

"I have so much more substance in my life, and expressing that excitement and that sensuality and the connection I have with my husband, I'm a lot more comfortable with that now," she added. "I actually feel like my child introduced me to myself."

Check out a picture of Beyonce playing on the beach with daughter Blue Ivy below (Credit:

The US star is currently preparing for a hectic few weeks with an announcement about her new album expected any day now, as well as her upcoming performance at the Super Bowl 2013 halftime show in February.

Beyonce performed at US President Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony on Monday (21st January), although fresh rumours have claimed she did not perform the US National Anthem live during her segment.