Diplo Suggests Beyonce "Scrapped" Entire New Album To Write New Songs

12 July 2013, 14:58 | Updated: 12 July 2013, 15:13

The 'Pon De Floor' produced reveals he has been asked to come up with new ideas for the long-gestating record.

Diplo has hinted that some or all of Beyonce's new album may have been scrapped, after revealing that her people have already been asking him for new song ideas.

The Major Lazer star says he was asked to contribute two songs to the 'Love On Top' star's next record but suggests the original tracks maybe have been "scrapped" in favour of working on new ones instead.

"I just did two songs for her new album, well, I tried," Diplo told The Sun this week. "I think she scrapped the record. 

"The record was supposed to be done and they have been hitting me up for brand new ideas," the 'Pon De Floor' producer revealed. "I like to work from scratch, sometimes I get called in to fix records."

Check out a picture of Beyonce on her 'The Mrs. Carter Show' tour below (Credit: PA):

The American producer, who has worked with artists like Usher and Tinie Tempah, also says he tried to dissuade Beyonce from sampling the Major Lazer song 'Pon De Floor' on her single 'Run The World (Girls)'.

"When Beyonce sampled 'Pon De Floor' it was already in the clubs two years earlier and I told her that," he recalled. "She said to me, 'No, but do people know this s**t?'.

"So I was like 'fine go ahead, I don't care, I'm in my own world'," he added.

Beyonce teases several new songs, including 'Grown Woman' and 'Bow Down' earlier this year before her 'The Mrs Carter Show' tour launch, but has yet to officially announce plans for when her fifth studio album will be released.