Beyonce And Blue Ivy Carter Dress Up For Halloween

1 November 2013, 14:33

The 'Countdown' singer became an angel for the ghoulish holiday while Blue was dressed up as a little bug.

Beyonce helped Blue Ivy celebrate Halloween this week by dressing up for the occasion.

The 'Love On Top' star shared several snaps of her Halloween costume, wearing white wings and a halo to become an angel for the spooky holiday.

In one of the pictures Beyonce is seen carrying one year-old Blue, who is seemingly dressed up as a bug of some kind, with a headband of feelers perched on her head.

Check out a picture of Beyonce and Blue Ivy celebrating Halloween below (Credit: Instagram):

This past week footage emerged of Beyonce taking a 1000 foot dive out in New Zealand as part of a daredevil freefall.

Beyonce is widely rumoured to be releasing a brand new single around December this year.