Beyoncé Was Spotted Bargain Hunting In Target Again Although Her Outfit Was Anything But Basic

26 March 2018, 15:46

Beyonce Shopping At Target

Can you imagine seeing anyone but Beyoncé wearing these shoes to go shopping on the high street?

When it comes to Queen Beyoncé, there are a few places you might expect to see her - on stage, hanging out with JAY Z at a basketball game or enjoying a day out with her daughter Blue Ivy.

There's one place you probably wouldn't expect to see the 'Lemonade' star and that's in discount store Target.

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Yep, Bey was pictured enjoying a spot of shopping in the LA high street shop alongside Blue and was clearly in the mood for a bargain as she literally filled her trolley with items.

Excited fans managed to snap some pics of her in the shop, whilst another video called her sister to prove that she was legit shopping alongside a music legend.

The woman's sister then shared a screenshot of the video call and tweeted, 'bro im so freaking sad right now :((( my sister ran into beyonce at target up in LA'.

There was one thing that certainly made Beyoncé stand out from the rest of the shoppers in Target though and that was those fluffy red heels. Can you imagine seeing anyone else shopping in a budget high street shop in those bad boys?

One worker even managed to get a video of the star in the shop as she freaked out about seeing her idol at work...

Beyoncé’s probably got enough money to buy herself a Target or two, but iit turns out this wasn't the first time she's been bargain hunting in the shop, being captured on camera in there at the end of 2017.

And of course it’s not everyday you bump into Beyoncé at your local supermarket, so when you do you've gotta shout it from the Twitter hilltops, right? And that’s exactly what twitter user MsTaylorOlivia did.

Captioning the three pics, she wrote: “It’s not everyday you see @Beyonce at target.”

And fans loved it. One person tweeted: “I WOULD BE PASSED OUT TAYLOR” while another keen fan couldn’t believe how “humble” she was for loving a bargain like the rest of us. One thing’s for sure, that Target’s going to be seeing a lot more Bey fans.

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