Andrew Garfield Runs For His Life In Beyonce Parody Trailer

4 May 2014, 19:32 | Updated: 6 May 2014, 11:33

It's Spiderman turns 24 in this hilarious video, proving that you don't mess with Queen Bey!

The action-packed trailer for 'The Beygency' starts with Andrew at a dinner party discussing Beyonce. In a very bad move, he admits that he isn't her biggest fan - resulting in a booty-shaking government agency tracking him down.

The brilliant clip from Saturday Night Live also has a surprise cameo from '24' star Keefer Sutherland, and is a must see for any Beyonce fan!

Andrew and his Hollywood girlfriend, Emma Stone, have both featured in some incredible viral videos recently, and we can't decide who we love more!

(Disclaimer: We LOVE Beyonce so, so much! So please don't send The Beygency after us!)

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