10 '7/11' GIFs To Help You Become BFFs with Beyonce!

25 November 2014, 14:17

It's time to start learning how to make phone calls with your feet if you want to be in Queen Bey's gang.

With Beyonce's platinum edition of her self titled album released yesterday, we thought it was about time to help you out in your pursuit to become one of Bey's nearest and dearest. 

It's not going to be easy people, expect to be tested to the LIMIT. But just remember, by the end of it you'll have all the tools you need to become BFFs with one of the world's biggest stars.

1. From now on, your foot is your phone.

Things may get awkward when you are playing Angry Birds on the train.

2. Learn from the mASSter.

When Bey gets out the chair, it's time to start taking notes.

3. Be prepared to form a human pyramid.

What you might not realise is that this is how Mrs Carter-Knowles gets from A-B. Time to invest in some new kneepads.

4. Add a little bit of fierceness to your hair routine.

You may start as the girl kneeling down and rubbing her head but soon enough you'll be promoted through the ranks and stand next to the Queen.

5. Your head must be in constant motion when it's time for drinks.

Keep some painkillers in the front pouch of your Y-fronts for the oncoming headache.

6. Walk into the club like: "what up, I got a red cup"

But seriously, even if you are just going to the shops to get some milk, you HAVE to walk like this.

7. When asked if you want to play a board game, expect to be the board.

Just be pleased your not playing Kerplunk.

8. Throw an impromptu balcony underwear party.

Extra tip: Only Beyonce is allowed to wear socks.

9. Be careful when opening presents from Bey.

Expect a few kicks to the head on your first Christmas as Beyonce's BFF.

10. You will get spanked… Deal with it.

Let's be honest, you'd rather it be Beyonce as opposed to that creepy guy who always seems to get on the same carriage as you on your train journey to work.

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