Fans Are SCREAMING Over The Price Of Beyonce And Jay-Z's VIP Tour Tickets

16 March 2018, 12:25

Beyonce Jay Z
Picture: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Not a meet and greet in sight...

When it was announced that Jay-Z and Beyonce were heading back on tour together last week, the world collectively lost their sh*t. Their iconic "On The Run II" tour will be hitting Europe and North America in 2018 with 36 tour stops confirmed in cities across several countries.

Upon hearing the news, we immediately cancelled our plans, sold all our belongings and took out several loans in preparation just in case. But judging by the prices of some of the ticket packages, it looks like we're now gonna have to consider trading organs on the black market.

Ticket prices for the tour range from "I can totally afford this!" to "That's three months worth of rent, Beyoncé!?" and seeing as there's very limited general admission standing, the truest of stans are gonna have to pay A LOT if they wanna be at the front.

Prices and VIP package features were shared online by fan groups and here's what kind of dollar we're looking at:

The most expensive VIP package is $2000. And I don't know about you but for that price, I'd expect a private meet and greet with Jay and Bey themselves, maybe even the opportunity to be in the presence of Blue Ivy for a second or two? Mama Tina, even?

No. For that price, sweetie, you get to meet members of the tour crew (LOL!), have an "intimate backstage tour", a VIP parking space, some merch, some drinks (not free) in a VIP bar where a DJ will be spinning Jay and Bey's "latest hits", and the chance to take some photos on a GREEN SCREEN.

To be fair, you do also get a reserved spot "in sections" along the runway so if you've got the money to be in sweat drip distance from two living legends, then go for it.

But people are still absolutely losing it on Twitter over the prices and what is actually included in those damn VIP packages:

Back when Jay and Bey last took the On The Run Tour on tour, there were a few occasions where they held meet and greets with fans in the VIP area, so there's a very slim chance that that could happen again but don't hold your breath... the elusive chanteuse and ha husband probably won't be letting you know in advance. Fate will decide for you.

See you on the runway, sweeties. And to my Landlord: don't expect my rent for the next three months, I've contributed to the Carter twins' college fund instead. x