Beyoncé fans defend Blue Ivy after she saw negative comments about her dancing on tour

27 November 2023, 11:19

Beyoncé drops Renaissance film trailer

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Beyoncé speaks frankly about the effect that the comments had on Blue Ivy in Renaissance: A Film.

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Beyoncé has revealed that Blue Ivy saw negative comments about her dancing on social media and I'm going to need those responsible to apologise immediately.

Loyal members of the BeyHive will already know that Blue Ivy was generous enough to join her mother Beyoncé on stage on the Renaissance World Tour. At multiple dates, Blue Ivy danced during the 'My Power' section of the show with Beyoncé dancing alongside her and watching on in awe.

The segment was widely regarded as one of the most touching moments of the show and fans couldn't get over how much stage presence Blue has at just 11-years-old. However, others took the time to write negative comments about Blue.

Now, Beyoncé has explained in her new Renaissance concert film that Blue Ivy found out about the criticism and fans are rushing to her defence.

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Beyoncé fans defend Blue Ivy after she saw negative comments about her dancing on the Renaissance tour
Beyoncé fans defend Blue Ivy after she saw negative comments about her dancing on the Renaissance tour. Picture: Mason Poole/Parkwood Media/Getty Images for Atlantis The Royal, Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Parkwood

According to The New York Times, Beyoncé says in the movie that she was originally hesitant to let Blue perform with her: "She told me she was ready to perform, and I told her no."

When Beyoncé did finally agree to it, Blue ended up reading the negative comments about her performance on social media. Beyoncé was horrified. However, "instead of quitting, [Blue] decided to put in the work and train even harder for future stops" and Beyoncé was overcome with pride.

Now, fans are questioning why people even thought it was okay to criticise an 11-year-old in the first place.

One person tweeted: "Blue Ivy knowing & reading you all’s comments about her breaks my heart. She’s just a kid. I know y’all are twisting this to show that she’s “resilient,” but we do need to realize that no child should have to be resilient."

Another wrote: "Folks really got on here talking about this child like she couldn’t see it. I’m happy that Blue Ivy used it as motivation but children shouldn’t have to use trauma as a fuel when they should be allowed to just be."

Blue's confidence continued to grow throughout the tour and it's safe to say that she is an incredible dancer in her own right.

Now, leave Blue Ivy alone and worry about your own rhythm.

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