Is Beyoncé about to drop a new album? Fans are losing it over ‘B7’ listing on Genius

17 April 2019, 16:06

Emma Clarke

By Emma Clarke

Lyric website Genius listed a new Beyoncé album called 'B7' before removing it and replacing it with a 'Homecoming' live album.

2019 is set to be a huge year for living legend Beyoncé. From the intimate, in-depth Netflix Homecoming film about her 2018 Coachella performance to her highly anticipated appearance as Nala in Disney's live-action The Lion King, the Beyhive have never been so blessed.

Bey also dropped a surprise live album to accompany the Netflix documentary which featured a studio version of 'I Been On' and new song, 'Before I Let Go'. On top of all that, there are now hints that she might be about to drop a brand new album called B7.

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Rumours are circulating online after a 'B7' track list appeared on the site Genius. The lyrics website has since removed the 'leak', which listed a new album name, cover, track list and features under the artist's discography and an alleged release date.

As you can imagine, the Beyhive has gone into absolute meltdown, speculating that Queen Bey will drop new music any day now but is it real, or is it all just a false alarm?

Is Beyonce about to drop a new 'B7' album?
Is Beyonce about to drop a new 'B7' album? Picture: Getty

What's on Beyoncé's new live album?

Coinciding with the release of new Netflix documentary, Homecoming, Beyoncé released a new, 40-track live album on April 17, 2019.

As well as featuring new renditions of hits like 'Crazy In Love', 'Formation', 'Baby Boy', 'Deja Vu', and 'Single Ladies', the compilation includes a brand new bonus track, entitled 'Before I Let Go'. Destiny's Child covered the song by Frankie Beverly and Maze back in 1997, but never released it. The new live album is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

The Beyhive is going into meltdown over the 'B7' rumours
The Beyhive is going into meltdown over the 'B7' rumours. Picture: Genius

Are the 'B7' rumours real and when will Beyoncé release her new album?

The mysterious 'B7' rumours caught like wildfire on social media, the day before Homecoming was launched on Netflix.

The album has yet to be verified, but if the rumours are true, the leak suggests Beyonce's seventh studio album would include collaborations with Solange, JAY-Z and Rihanna - who we're also desperado to hear new music from, tbh.

According to Genius, the album is expected to be released on April 18th - one day after the Netflix documentary.

A handful of the songs mentioned in the track list were reportedly registered under Beyoncé's name previously but they remain unconfirmed.

Considering how famously controlled Beyoncé album releases have been for her last two cycles, it's unlikely that this is a legit thing. But then again... who knows? Maybe it is... Guess we'll just have to wait.

Watch Beyoncé's Homecoming on Netflix now.