'thank u, next': Ariana Grande's Music Video Is A 'Mean Girls' & 'Legally Blonde' Tribute

20 November 2018, 17:06 | Updated: 27 November 2018, 07:11

Ariana Grande's music video for 'thank u, next' is said to be inspired by some of her favourite chick-flick movies, such as Mean Girls and Legally Blonde and 13 Going On 30 & here's all the evidence as to why...

Ariana Grande is seriously teasing fans with what looks like a music video for her brand new song 'thank u, next' and all of the clues point to it being a mash-up of her favourite movies, including 2004 teen-comedy, Mean Girls, 13 Going On 30, and a film starring one of her favourite actresses Jennifer Coolidge- Legally Blonde.

She recently shared a teaser starring Jonathan Bennett, Troye Sivan and Colleen Ballinger.

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new best friend .... thank u, next

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Here's all of the evidence the 'thank u, next' will be an iconic mash up to Mean Girls and Legally Blonde.... and may even feature a Kim Kardashian cameo!

Aside from the fact she's all but confirmed it via replying to fans on Twitter, she's been dropping some serious naughties references with the fluffy cord phone, old style mac, oh and she's been quoting Mean Girls left, right and centre all over social media.

Replying 'facts' to a fan's guess Legally Blonde and Mean Girls, and tweeting that she had one of the most exhausting days of her life the same day Kim Kardashian could hardly contain her excitement at something she'd shared with the singer, we're kind of connecting the dots and realising something EPIC is in the pipeline.

She's now admitted after some very savvy fans guessed that the third mystery chick flick is the timeless 13 Going On 30.

So, as Ari is hinting there's two more films to uncover, many are assuming First Wives Club, the original inspiration for her debut performance on Ellen, will be included, but are wondering what the final film could be with Bring It On and Clueless being thrown into the ring.

We absolutely cannot wait, if these teasers are anything to go by, this video could serious break the internet.

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