Pete Davidson covered up another Ariana Grande tattoo with the most savage word

12 February 2019, 16:09

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Pete just covered up the matching 'mille tendresse' tattoo on the back of his neck with the word 'CURSED'.

If there was one thing that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were known for during their relationship, it was their love of matching tattoos. Over the course of their 5 month relationship, they got a bunch of matching tats together and since their break up last October, they've both been steadily covering them up one by one.

Ariana had already covered up several tributes to Pete and Pete has also covered up a ton himself including the Dangerous Woman bunny ears behind his ear, the 'H2GKMO' on his hand and now, he's got rid of the matching 'mille tendresse' tattoo, which means 'a thousand tendernesses' in French, on his neck with the most savage cover up.

Pete Davidson has covered his 'mille tendresse' tattoo with the word 'CURSED'
Pete Davidson has covered his 'mille tendresse' tattoo with the word 'CURSED'. Picture: Kevin Mazur / Contributor, UMV/Star Max / Contributor

Tattoo artist Jon Mesa recently shared an image on Instagram of one of his new tattoos that he did on Pete's back. The pic also revealed a ton of other tattoos including the very dramatic cover up of the french phrase that was written on his neck.

Back when they were together, Pete had the words 'mille tendresse' - a phrase from Breakfast at Tiffany's - written in cursive on his neck, in the exact same spot Ariana has hers. Ariana has had that tatto for years and hers is still there but now, Pete has covered his up with the word 'CURSED' in all caps and it looks... angry.

Pete still has a ton of Ariana tattoos still left to cover up, including the one on his back that says 'always' and a huge 'Grande' written down his side.

Ariana on the other hand has covered up the majority of hers. The 'pete' she had written on her left ring finger is now a black heart. The 'reborn' she had on her left hand is now an olive branch and the tribute to Pete's father she had on her foot is now a tribute to Mac Miller's dog Myron.

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