Ariana Grande defends Lizzo after her fans get #LizzoIsOverParty trending on Twitter

5 November 2019, 16:11

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Lizzo's 'Good As Hell' recently reached No.6 on the Billboard Hot 100 – but Ariana's fans think it's all down to her.

We all know that fandoms can be extremely messy and Ariana Grande's fandom are only proving that right now. The Arianators don't play when it comes to the 'thank u, next' singer – and now they are gunning for Lizzo. Ariana Grande's fans are dragging Lizzo for not crediting her for "helping" 'Good As Hell' get to No.6 in the Billboard Hot 100… even though she doesn't feature on the original song.

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Basically, Lizzo – born Melissa Viviane Jefferson – is seeing a ridiculous amount of success right now and fans are discovering her old music. Lizzo's 'Truth Hurts' hit No.1 on the Billboard charts, despite being released two years ago. Well, now the singer's 2016 bop 'Good As Hell' is getting the same treatment.

Ariana Grande performs on stage during her "Sweetener World Tour", Lizzo performs in concert during week one of the ACL Festival.
Ariana Grande performs on stage during her "Sweetener World Tour", Lizzo performs in concert during week one of the ACL Festival. Picture: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for AG, Gary Miller/Getty Images

On 4 November, Billboard revealed that 'Good As Hell' is at No.6 – just below 'Truth Hurts' at No. 5. The rise comes as Ariana jumped on the track, which was previously at No.14, after Lizzo invited her to do a remix.

Lizzo was clearly excited about it all, and tweeted: "Good as hell is 3 years old... baby how you feelin?!" Ariana commented on it too, and said: "ayeeeeee ! get it sis !!!!!! love u ! congrats on another smash [sic]!"

Although Ariana was obviously very happy to see Lizzo achieve the accolade, her fans were not so impressed. Some said that Ari should have been credited by Billboard for giving 'Good As Hell' a boost, you know, despite the fact that the original version is currently outperforming the remix. Meanwhile, others argued that Lizzo should have shouted Ariana out in her tweet too.

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Soon, Ariana fans started the #LizzoIsOverParty hashtag in an attempt to cancel her.

Others stepped in to defend Lizzo, insisting there was no need for credit Ariana.

Ariana even addressed her fans for their toxic behaviour on Twitter.

She said: "Baby girl! If our remix outsold or out streamed the OG, my name would be there. But it didn't! It's not like she woke up and told them what to write! That is not how these things work.

Ariana Grande Tweet.
Ariana Grande Tweet. Picture: @ArianaGrande via Twitter

"I'm so happy to have supported or helped in any way! We have so much. Be happy for her. Love."