Ariana Grande fans have worked out who threw a lemon at her at Coachella

23 April 2019, 12:03

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

It wasn't a Beyoncé fan who threw a lemon at Ariana Grande at Coachella...

Ariana Grande fans have worked out who hit her with a lemon at Coachella this weekend.

After wowing festival goers with her record-breaking Coachella performance last weekend (Ariana has become the youngest person to ever headline the festival), she did it all over again on April 21. Not only did she surprise fans with a performance of 'Sorry' with Justin Bieber, but she also gave first class renditions of some of her biggest hits. However, in and among all the merriment, someone threw a lemon wedge at Ariana Grande.

Who threw a lemon at Ariana Grande at Coachella and why?

Ariana Grande: Who threw a lemon at her at Coachella? Was it a Beyoncé fan?
Ariana Grande: Who threw a lemon at her at Coachella? Was it a Beyoncé fan? Picture: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images // YouTube: Ariana Grande

While Ariana Grande was singing her hit song 'break up with your girlfriend (i'm bored)' someone in the crowd threw a lemon at her. Ariana handled the incident with the grace of a true professional and didn't stop. She later referenced it saying "that's 'cause one of y'all threw a lemon at me shit". It goes without saying that this sort of heckling is completely wrong. Naturally, it didn't take long for fans to complain.

Many people originally assumed that the person who threw the lemon at Ariana was probably a Beyoncé fan who was upset that Ariana reportedly got paid more for Coachella than Beyoncé (it's since been claimed that they both earned $4million for each weekend). Lemons have become a symbol for Beyoncé since Lemonade. Nevertheless, people have found the culprit and it looks like they are just a troll.

A girl named Jordan Addington took to her friend Oliva Nelson's Snapchat, shortly after Coachella to react to a news story about the lemon and proclaimed: "So I threw a lemon at Ariana Grande," and then added: "That was me bitch." Fans have also found a video of her with lemons in a drink in the audience and she's since referenced it on Instagram and liked and replied to tweets about it.

The initial lemon incident and the girl behind it.

Fans are now flooding Jordan's Instagram feed with lemon emojis and she's since posted an Instagram story blowing a kiss "to all the people sending [her] love instead of hate". While it's obviously wrong to bully Jordan for what she did, throwing a lemon at a performer is inexcusable. As it stands, Jordan is yet to apologise for her actions or explain why she did it.