BTS's Jungkook Met Ariana Grande & Had The Sweetest Message After Watching Her Sweetener Concert

8 May 2019, 16:14

Ariana Grande and Jungkook met at her Sweeteener concert
Ariana Grande and Jungkook met at her Sweeteener concert. Picture: Getty Images/Instagram @ArianaGrande

A truly iconic moment took place when Ariana Grande met BTS's Jungkook met backstage at her Sweetener

BTS had a day off from their sold out arena world tour and they each used their days productively- especially Jungkook, who popped along to an Ariana Grande concert and got to meet the star backstage, (one of the perks of being in the biggest boyband in the world).

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Both stars stanned each other so hard, taking to social media to gush about their first-time meeting and fans can't handle the superstar love.

Jungkook took to BTS's Twitter page with a 7 Rings bank note from the gig and put some serious respect on Ariana's name by saying he 'learned a lot' from seeing her perform and it has challenged him to 'try harder' which we honestly think is the best appreciation post we've seen from any artist!

However, Jungkook wasn't the only one freaking out, with Ariana Grande uploading an Instagram snap of her and the BTS band member, saying:

"Screaming. Thank u soooooo much for coming to my show, Jungkook. it meant so much. love u sm."

Junkook managed to go pretty low-key at her Sweetener gig- wearing a bucket hat in true celebrity disguise style and got a front row seat to the whole thing.

The BTS fan base are crazily loyal and one fan had spotted what all of the boys got up to on their day off and we couldn't love them more for what they got up to.

BTS are in the middle of their own tour, LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF and fans pointed out he went to support the star when he had just done his own arena show at the Rose Bowl in California- performing to an estimated 52,000 fans, according to the LA times.

Nothing gets us more excited than artists loving and meeting other artists, and let's be honest, we can't quite imagine a collaboration we'd want more than Ari and BTS, but both are pretty busy at the moment!

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