Ariana Grande Shares Emotional Message To Brother Frankie Congratulating 20 Months Of Sobriety

18 February 2019, 13:28

Ariana Grande congratulated her brother on 20 months of sobriety
Ariana Grande congratulated her brother on 20 months of sobriety. Picture: Getty / Twitter

Ariana Grande has posted a touching tribute to her brother Frankie to celebrate his 20-month milestone of sobriety.

Ariana Grande has a close relationship with her brother Frankie Grande, and their special bond was proved when the former Big Brother star marked 20 months of sobriety on Saturday.

Telling Frankie how proud she is of him, Ariana told her brother he’s “a superhero”.

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She tweeted: “Man, I love u @FrankieJGrande. Happy. Twenty. Months. been staring at this drafting n deleting bc everything I write makes me cry [sic].

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today i have 20 months sober. i am extremely proud. this hasn’t been easy. when you get sober... life still happens. you have to deal with all the same highs and lows as you did when you were using but now you don’t have the ability to numb yourself. you feel it. you feel everything. good and bad. but there is also beauty in that. over the past 20 months i have felt loss but i have also felt love. i felt joy but i also felt grief. but the bottom line is... i felt. and that is such a gift. today, when i look in the mirror i see a completely different man than i did 20 months ago. i see a man who knows that everything is exactly as it is meant to be. a man liberated from the prison of being stuck in the past or obsessing over the future. a man grateful for his life... exactly as it is. a man excited for the next chapter... and ready to face it... no matter what.... sober.

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“Just know I think you’re a superhero and u make me v proud [sic].

“Everyone knows how hard this is and how strong you’ve been. Congratulations and thank God.”

Frankie also wrote a lengthy post on Instagram, saying “this hasn’t been easy”, but that he now sees “a different man than I did 20 months ago”.

The star has spoken out in the past about how he turned to alcohol and drugs to cope with the trauma of the attacks at his sister’s Manchester concert in 2017.

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